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GE Voluson e6 – 730 comparison

A simple comparison for two GE ultrasound machines – the Voluson 730 and the Voluson e6. Both machines are well-recognized and respected in the industry. GE is great at producing 3D/4D ultrasound machines, as many of you already know. Let’s go through the two machines.
The GE Voluson 730 has a 15” CRT monitor, the e6 has a 19” articulating LCD monitor. Both ultrasound systems perform very well with 4D imaging – it’s what GE is known for but what may separate one purchase from the other is price. The Voluson 730 is still significantly less than the e6 – this may determine what is feasible considering your budget.
The Voluson 730 offers an easy approach with plug and play connectivity to an external monitor or TV along with a good workflow environment that is easy to use. This ultrasound system is considered to have set the benchmark for 3D/4D scanning and set the platform that other manufacturers had to follow.
The e6 is designed with a more slim design to conserve a little space. It also has utilized the latest technology in their probes for instance with the C5-1 convex probe and deeper penetration or the 9L-D linear probe for higher quality imaging with first trimester and vascular images. The e6 has a more simplified data management system for storing and sending images. It has a faster processor and newer hardware. If you need Elastography, you can add that option on this ultrasound system at an additional cost.
Both units, the Voluson 730 and the e6 offer enhanced imaging options to really create stellar 3D images but the e6 does go a step further for early fetal abnormalities. The e6, like the Voluson e8 can also add the option of HDLive for critical fetal diagnosis but then again, you push the price even higher.
We’ve yet to meet a customer dismayed by the performance or clarity of either of these machines so depending on your budget, you may choose any of these great GE 4D ultrasound systems and have a quality machine sitting in your office.
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