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Facts About Portable Ultrasounds

Ultrasound technology certainly has advanced the course of medical care by providing a non-invasive way to check for many medical problems. Full-size medical imaging machines are quite bulky and while they often are placed on wheeled carts, a portable ultrasound can make it easier for doctors and technicians to perform ultrasounds on a variety of patients.

The first portable ultrasound was designed in the mid-1970s, but it was several decades before these devices became more commonly used. The first models used an oscilloscope rather than a TV monitor and weighed as much as 25 pounds. Today’s portable ultrasounds can be as light as just five pounds and are useful for many different types of medical professionals.

Veterinarians, especially large animal vets, definitely will enjoy the flexibility of using a portable ultrasound. . Battery-powered portable ultrasounds are perfect tools for use for a mobile veterinarian. These can be used to monitor pregnancies in horses, cows, swine and, of course, cats and dogs. These ultrasound machines also can be used in veterinary offices and are handy to tote from room to room.

An OB/GYN also can make use of a portable ultrasound machine, and these are also easily moved from room to room. Often, all ultrasounds may occur in one room, and if you have a busy practice with many patients, it can be easier to use a portable device as well as having a larger piece of ultrasound equipment.

Portable devices can be quite helpful in the field of emergency medicine, as well. EMTs can undergo training and use these devices in the field, and emergency room doctors also can use these ultrasounds as an important diagnostic tool.

There are several different sizes of portable ultrasounds available. One type is about the size of a laptop computer and might weigh between 10 and 15 pounds. These are easy to bring directly to a patient when needed, such as in an emergency room or hospital room. There are also smaller hand-carried portables, some of which are nearly as small as a cell phone and weighing only a pound or two.

Many different companies produce portable ultrasound machines, including Phillips ultrasound machines, GE ultrasound machines and Toshiba ultrasound machines. You can even purchase high-quality refurbished or used ultrasound equipment. Used ultrasound machines can be an excellent way to improve patient care while keeping costs in check.

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